2017 - Signing of the Declaration of Commitment

On March 1, 2017, leaders of all health regulatory colleges in BC signed the Declaration of Commitment – Cultural Safety and Humility in the Regulation of Health Professionals Serving First Nations and Aboriginal People in British Columbia (PNG). The signing ceremony formalized our commitment to integrating cultural safety and humility into our practice as health profession regulators in alignment with regulators’ public interest mandates.

Signing the Declaration reflected the high priority placed on advancing cultural safety and humility for Indigenous people among regulated health professionals by committing to actions and processes, which will ultimately embed culturally safe practices within all levels of health professional regulation.

The signing of the Declaration was witnessed by over 230 delegates attending the 2017 Quality Forum “Best of Both Worlds” conference, a forum focused on improving the quality of healthcare for Indigenous people. The Declaration was endorsed by the First Nations Health Authority and the Ministry of Health and was signed by their representatives and the members of the BC Health Regulators.

Read more about our collaborative work on the BC Health Regulators website.