2019 / 2022 - BC Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (DRIPA) and Action Plan

BC’s DRIPA passed into law in November 2019 and establishes the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as the Province’s framework for reconciliation, as called for by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. The Act requires (not a full list):

  • the government to bring provincial laws into alignment with UNDRIP
  • the province to develop and implement an action plan in consultation and cooperation with Indigenous Peoples to meet the objectives of UNDRIP
  • regular reporting (including annual reports) to the legislature to monitor progress on the alignment of laws and implementation of the action plan

The five-year Action Plan (PDF) (2022-2027) was released on March 2022 and includes 89 priority actions towards achieving the objectives of UNDRIP. The priority actions include implementing the In Plain Sight Report recommendations towards a healthcare system that is culturally safe and free of Indigenous-specific racism (Action 3.7).

This Act and the Action Plan set the stage for systemic changes at all levels in BC. Health regulatory colleges and CPTBC are now mandated to participate in these changes. It is now the law that we do this important work.