Health Profession Corporation Permit Renewal

Corporation Permits – Annual Permits Valid April 1 to March 31

All health profession corporation permits expire on March 31 of each year, regardless of when the application was made. Permits need to be renewed annually. The permit renewal fee is $90.

As per College Bylaw #77, if you wish to continue as a health profession corporation, you must renew your permit on or before March 31.

Only full registrants can renew their health profession corporation permits.

Instructions for Permit Renewal

Renewal is online and begins on March 1.

If your corporation is owned by more than one registrant, only one (voting) shareholder is required to renew. All owners are each responsible for ensuring that they continue to comply with the declaration and acknowledgement statements on the renewal form.

Once renewal begins in March:

  • Login to CPTBC Registrant Portal
  • From the home page, locate Corporate Renewal
  • Click on ‘Renew’ and follow instructions
  • If you have more than one health profession corporation, make sure you renew all of them; there is a drop down list on the top right hand corner for you to select the corresponding health profession corporation

Suggestions for Success

  • Make sure you know which email address to use to log into the CPTBC Registrant Portal
  • Renew when you have dedicated time to avoid being timed out
  • Credit cards are accepted; debit cards are not accepted
  • Optimal browsers include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge; do not use Internet Explorer
  • If you are having difficulties:
    • clear your browser history
    • try another browser
    • try another device
    • email for assistance; screenshots will help with problem solving

Permits and Receipts

Permits and receipts should be on the home page of your CPTBC Registrant Portal once renewal is completed and paid.

Cancellation For Failure to Renew

The deadline for permit renewal is March 31. Permits not renewed by deadline will be cancelled.

Once a health profession corporation permit is cancelled, you will need to apply again for a new permit; an application fee ($200) and a permit fee ($90) will apply.

Questions About Corporation Permit Renewal?

If you have any questions please email