Registration Cancellation

When a registration is cancelled, you become a “Former” registrant. Former registrants must not practice physical therapy, delegate physical therapy services or hold themselves out as a physical therapist entitled to practice. Former registrants are also not permitted to own health profession corporations.

Canceling Your Registration

If you currently hold ‘Full’ or ‘Full-Telepractice’ registration with the College and would like to cancel your registration, you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • If you are timing your cancellation with the end of the registration cycle (May 31), please login during the registration renewal period and select ‘Former’ as your renewal selection
  • If you want to cancel outside of the renewal period, click on ‘Registrant Login’ and select ‘Registration Change’ to ‘Former’

For other registration types (interim, student), please email to discuss.

Things to Consider Before Cancelling Your Registration

  • If you are retiring from private practice, you need to think about where clinical records will be stored upon your departure from the profession; please refer to Practice Standard 8 – Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • Former registrants are not permitted to own health professional corporations which means existing permits will be cancelled; health profession corporations with multiple owners will need to revise their ownership structure and contact prior to the registrant cancelling to avoid the health profession corporation permit being cancelled as well
  • Once cancelled, if you wish to reinstate to return to practice, the reinstatement fee ($500) will apply, even if you had paid a registration or renewal fee earlier that registration year
  • While there is no regulatory requirement to maintain professional liability insurance after you cancel your registration, you may want to check with your insurance provider on the protection provided by “tail” coverage

Applying for Reinstatement

Former registrants who wish to resume practice may apply for reinstatement. Please note that as part of reinstatement, the registration committee may require registrants to successfully complete an examination(s), re-entry program, or competence assessment.


If you have questions about registration, contact us at