Registrant FAQs

Registration Frequently Asked Questions: How Do I…?

Where can I find everything I need to know about my obligations as a CPTBC Registrant?

We’ve developed a Registrant Resource Guide. It provides a summary of your obligations, and it includes links to more details about what the College expects of you. Whether you are a new registrant or someone who has been registered for a while, it is worth reading through to ensure you are aware of everything in the Guide.

How do I request a Letter of Good Standing from the College?

The answer might depend on why you need it.

a) Are you applying for registration in another jurisdiction, and the regulator there needs information about your registration in BC?

Complete the top section on the Regulatory History Form and email it to us. We will complete it and send it to the other regulator by email.

b) Do you need to show your employer or other organization that you are registered with the College?

Log into your College account and print your permit. It shows the dates your registration is effective and if there are any conditions on it. Alternatively, you could advise them to look you up on the Public Directory.

How do I log into my College account?

What if I can’t remember which email address I use for my log in?

  • Your Alinity login email address is the email address that has received the most recent correspondence from the College
  • If you’re still not sure, try your other email addresses
  • If you still can’t log in or have changed your email account recently, please email and include your full name, registration number, date of birth, as well as confirm the email address you want associated with your College (Alinity) account; alternatively, you can also call the College to speak to registration staff

Should I cancel my registration if I am going on leave?

  • If you going on a leave or thinking about retirement, please read this page first

How do I change my name?

  • Log into your College account (see above) and click on ‘My profile’
  • In the personal section – click ‘Add’ and a name change section will open
  • Complete the required text boxes
  • Upload a marriage certificate OR legal name change document
  • The document will be reviewed by the College – name change documents are reviewed once per week, on Fridays
  • If you work in private practice, a letter for MSP is required and you will be emailed further instructions
  • Let 3rd party service providers know your new name
  • Update your billings and invoices to reflect your new name as it appears on the public directory

How do I update my contact and employer info?

First, log into your College account and click on ‘My profile’.

To add an employment:

  • Within the Employment section – click ‘Add’ and the employment section will open
  • Complete the required information in the text boxes
  • The drop-down list search is exact; if you spell the name differently, use an acronym or change punctuation, the name won’t appear
  • Enter part of the name only – less is more.
  • Wait for the search results to appear and select the clinic/employer/ workplace name. If you still don’t see the employer name, check that you’re adding the employment to the correct section: current BC employment or current employment outside BC. If you still don’t see it, the organization needs to be added to the College database: if the name doesn’t appear in the drop-down list, check the ‘Not listed’ box. A new section (titled ‘Unlisted Employer Information’) will appear. Fill in the information; fields with a red asterisk are mandatory. The College must confirm the address you provide.

To end an employment:

Employment cannot be deleted, but you may add the last day you worked.

  • Select ‘Yes’ for the question “Do you need to make changes to the above employment? “and the employment section will open
  • Enter your last day of work under ‘End Date”. The last day of work must be past, not a future date

Where can I find a list of insurers for professional liability insurance?

How do I download a tax receipt?

  • Log in to your College account
  • Toggle on the ‘Paid invoices’ box to access your recent receipts
  • Current permit and invoice are found on the center of your home page
  • Look for historical receipts under ‘My Documents’

How do I get a hard copy of my permit?

To save time and a few trees, the College doesn’t print hard copy permits anymore, but you can do so anytime from your College account. See above for instructions.