Regulating the Physical Therapy Profession in the Public Interest

CPTBC regulates the physical therapy profession in the public interest. Its primary purpose is to protect the public from harm. As part of this responsibility, CPTBC responds to complaints about the conduct and competence of registered physical therapists.

Making a Complaint

The Inquiry Committee of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia has the authority to investigate a complaint about a physical therapist registered in BC.

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Registrant Directory

CPTBC maintains a register of physical therapists in British Columbia who are registered with the College.

This register allows you to verify whether the physical therapist you wish to make a complaint about is registered with CPTBC.

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Registrant Report

Registrants of any college under the Health Professions Act (the “HPA”) are legally required to make a report about a registered physical therapist to CPTBC under certain circumstances.

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