Maternal or Parental Leave, Leave of Absence or Retiring

Registrants may be considering leaving their practice or the physical therapy profession, either temporarily or long term.

If you are no longer practising as a physical therapist in British Columbia, you have two options. You could cancel your registration or maintain your full registration status.

If you cancel your registration:

  • You must not practice physical therapy, assign physical therapy services, or hold yourself out as a physical therapist entitled to practice.
  • You must not use the protected titles: Physical Therapist, Physiotherapist, Registered Physical Therapist, Registered Physiotherapist, or any abbreviations.
  • You must apply for reinstatement if you plan to practice physical therapy in British Columbia again: Applying for Reinstatement.
  • See Leaving or Closing A Physical Therapy Practice for advice on notifying clients, retention of clinical records, and employment contracts.
  • If you have a health profession corporations permit, that will also need to be cancelled.

If you want to maintain your full registration status, you must continue to meet registration requirements, including:

  • Active professional liability insurance Extended period or “tail” coverage offered by insurance brokers does not meet the requirement for full registration;
  • Practice hours;
  • Quality Assurance Program requirements.