May 2024: Registration Renewal

Registration renewal will be open from May 1-31, 2024. Full registrants will be emailed in advance with instructions about registration renewal and the Annual Self Report.

Two things you can do now to ensure a smooth renewal:

  • Make sure your

2023 Liability Insurance Audit Results

In November 2023, 280 registrants selected randomly, plus 79 registrants found non-compliant with Bylaw 82 in previous years, were asked to send their professional liability insurance (PLI) certificate.

  • 8.4% (n=32) had gaps in their PLI, including 18 registrants who had

Advice to Consider: Documentation

Completing comprehensive documentation on time can be challenging. However, inadequate documentation is risky for both your client and for you as the physical therapist. In BC, complaints brought to the College often involve documentation issues such as lack of timeliness, …