Board Composition & Purpose


The Board of Directors (Board) of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (College) includes six elected and three government-appointed individuals.

The University of British Columbia Department of Physical Therapy recommends that two student representatives are invited to attend Board meetings.


The College has a mandate to protect the public interest as set out in the duties and objects found in the Health Professions Act. The Board of Directors oversees that the mandate, duties, and objects are fulfilled.

The Registrar/CEO is the Board’s only employee, and they are accountable to the Board. Working together, the Board and the Registrar/CEO work to achieve the College mandate: public protection.

The Election

Each spring, an election is held to meet the minimum requirement of six registrant Board members. The College strives to have no more than a one third turnover in Board members in any given year.

The election is held in accordance with the College Bylaws.

Differences between the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (CPTBC) & the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC)

As a regulatory body, our mandate and, therefore focus is to protect the public. As an association, the PABC has a focus on professional interest or advocacy. While we work together on issues of mutual interest, the mandates are quite different. Physical therapists interested in professional advocation should contact PABC to explore opportunities on committees or their Board of Directors.

Download the infographic above – The Regulatory College and The Professional Association: How Are they Different? (PDF).