Becoming a Board Member

Interested in Being a CPTBC Board Member?

Information for Registrants

Understanding the Role and Structure

The Board of Directors (Board) of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (College) includes six elected and three government-appointed individuals.

The College has a mandate to protect the public interest as set out in the duties and objects found in the Health Professions Act. The Board of Directors oversees that the mandate, duties, and objects are fulfilled. This is done by setting registration policy standards of practice, managing complaint matters and supporting quality practice.

The Registrar/CEO is the Board’s only employee, and they are accountable to the Board. Working together, the Board and the Registrar/CEO work to achieve the College mandate: public protection.

What are the steps to becoming a board member?

Call for nominations

The first step in the election process is the call for nominations that will be announced sometime in February.

How many positions are available?

There are two positions available for election in 2023.

Who is eligible for nomination?

A full registrant in good standing residing in British Columbia.

Who is not eligible?

  • A registrant who is employed by the College or was formerly employed by the College at any time in the eleven (11) months preceding the election.
  • A registrant who is or was at any time in the eleven (11) months preceding the election a director or officer of a physical therapy professional association or a trade union that bargains on behalf of or otherwise represents physical therapists.
  • An elected board member who has held office for a consecutive period of nine
    (9) years is not eligible to be elected in an election for at least one (1) year following the completion of the elected board member’s third consecutive term of office.

Who can nominate a candidate for election?

A full registrant in good standing may nominate a maximum of two (2) registrants for each vacant board position.

What is the nomination process?

The nominator must deliver the nomination using CPTBC’s Nomination Form (PDF) together with a letter of consent (PDF) from the nominated candidate by the specified deadline.

The Registrar will confirm the nominee’s eligibility and ask that the nominee prepare a statement of interest as part of the election process.

How does the election work?

Assuming there is a slate of candidates for election, the Registrar will announce that the election is open sometime in April.

Voting will be electronic.

All eligible voters will have an opportunity to vote until the specified deadline, at which time the election will close and successful candidates will be announced.

How long is the Term of Office?

Three years to a maximum of three terms.

Note that the term may change with changes to health professions regulation which is unknown at this time.

What is the time commitment?

The Board meets at least four times per year. Preparation is required in advance of each meeting, including up to four hours (estimated) of reading materials. Board members are expected to attend other relevant events such as planning workshops, governance training and other regulatory education sessions and conferences.

Where are Board meetings held?

In person meetings are generally held in Vancouver. Recent meetings have been held virtually.

Am I compensated as a Board Member?

Board members are compensated following a fee schedule determined by the Board. Travel and expenses are paid following the College travel and expense policy.


Understanding the role of the College is critical to a Board members personal and professional fulfillment. Role and governance are very different than that of the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) or other member-driven associations and important to understand. The College exists for the public, not to advance professional interests. The Board is not representative of those who elect the Board members, they act to serve the public.

All incoming Board members are required to attend governance education specific to the Health Professions Act and regulatory affairs.

What Board Competencies are important to consider when nominating candidates?

The College has identified a list of desired competencies to ensure the Board has the skills and attributes to be successful.