2023 Liability Insurance Audit Results

In November 2023, 280 registrants selected randomly, plus 79 registrants found non-compliant with Bylaw 82 in previous years, were asked to send their professional liability insurance (PLI) certificate.

  • 8.4% (n=32) had gaps in their PLI, including 18 registrants who had only renewed their insurance after receiving notice of the audit
  • 21% (n=3) of registrants on leave had a gap in their insurance
  • 11% (n=9) of the 79 registrants previously found to be non-compliant were found to be non-compliant for a second or third time; they were referred to the Inquiry Committee

Most registrants immediately realized their error and put in place safeguards, such as calendar reminders, to ensure they don’t forget to renew their PLI again.

It’s important to take note of the requirements and deadlines associated with your registration; nothing should come as a surprise. Review our New Registrants resource for helpful tips.