FAQs on Proposed Physical Therapists Regulation Amendments

Why is the Physical Therapist Regulation changing?

Professional regulation is undergoing significant change both in terms of the introduction of the new Health Professions and Occupations Act (“HPOA”), which is not yet in force, and the scheduled amalgamation of several of the colleges under the Health Professions Act in June 2024. The Ministry of Health (Ministry) wishes to ensure that the regulations are current and align with the Health Professions Act (HPA) in advance of amalgamation.

The Ministry has expressed that these proposed regulation changes intend to better align the Physical Therapist Regulation with the Health Professions Act model of regulation, which is based on a shared scope of practice and restricted activities. For more information click here.

Will the proposed changes to the regulation impact what I do today as a physical therapist?

The Ministry has confirmed that it does not intend to change the scope of practice for Physical Therapists in British Columbia under the proposed changes to the regulation. The intention of these proposed amendments is not to reduce or increase the scope of practice for the profession.

The College has been receiving questions about services that are not in the proposed regulation changes including physical therapy diagnosis, wound care, finger in the external ear canal or electrophysical agents and will be providing feedback to the Ministry regarding these services.

For clarity on a specific restricted activity, you are encouraged to share your questions directly with the Ministry of Health at the contact listed above.

What is the College doing?

The College is in the process of considering the draft regulation and formulating a response. Once the Board has an opportunity to consider the draft regulation and finalize a response this feedback will be shared with the Ministry. It is important to note that the Ministry is responsible for drafting and approving regulations– this is not a matter over which the College has decision-making authority. We have and will continue to provide input and discuss the regulatory perspective with the Ministry.

What can you do as a physical therapist?

Review the draft regulation. If you have comments or questions for the Ministry now is your chance to provide feedback. Feedback should be shared directly with the Ministry for their consideration during the consultation period which will be reviewed prior to making final decisions about the regulation.

We encourage you to send your feedback to the Ministry of Health via:

Email: PROREGADMIN@gov.bc.ca

Mail: Professional Regulation and Oversight Branch
Health Sector Workforce and Beneficiary Services Division, Ministry of Health
1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC  V8W 3C8