UBC PT Call for EOIs from Private Sites Interested in Supporting International Students

UBC’s Department of Physical Therapy reviews and organizes placement requests for all UBC MPT students and students requesting placements from other schools in Canada and internationally.

There is growing interest from international students to complete placements in BC. Many of these students are BC residents completing their physical therapy training abroad and planning to return here to practice after graduation.

To increase the number of international students that UBC can support in BC without impacting the critical spaces needed for UBC students, they are exploring new ways to support this process.

They already have a process in place that allows public sector partners to accept international students when not in conflict with UBC placement dates, and they want to create a system that can factor in private sites as well.

The ask: if you are a private site interested in supporting international students with BC placements, and can do so without reducing your support of UBC students, reach out to sarah.schwartz@ubc.ca to express your interest. They are compiling a list of clinics that they know have this interest, to whom they can direct international students once they have screened the applications.

As a friendly reminder, UBC Clinical Education requests that international or out-of-province applications always be screened before any placements are offered. Please direct any inquiries to pt.placements@ubc.ca and/or sarah.schwartz@ubc.ca if requests are sent to you without a referral from UBC.