November 2023 Board Highlights

Our Board of Directors met in November. Highlights include the following:

  • Adoption of a Zero-Tolerance Policy Statement on Inappropriate Billing Practices
  • Approval of amended bylaw to add the Physio Refresh program to Schedule A
  • Approval of updated Standards of Practice, Code of Ethical Conduct with core professional values
  • Presentation by Joe Gallagher and Fancy Poitras of Qoqoq Consulting about the Safe Spaces Project:
    • Joe described the project and the playbook that guides regulatory colleges as they address Indigenous-specific racism in Board and Committee spaces
    • Fancy reported the results of the cultural safe audit of CPTBC governance policy documents
  • Update on the CPTBC Dreamcatcher framework and action plan to embed cultural safety, humility and anti-racism into health regulatory processes