A Closer Look at the Practice Hours Requirement

With the requirement to have at least 1200 practice hours over the previous five years due to be in effect for registration renewal in 2024, the College has received more enquiries about exceptions to this bylaw.

Concerned registrants often cite situations, like parental leave or the pandemic, which have caused them to reduce their practice. This raises a couple of key points.

Why 1,200 hours in five years is reasonable:

  • The 1200-hour requirement is the standard agreed to by physical therapy regulators across the country as an indicator of currency of practice.
  • It’s a small number of hours: even allowing for four weeks of vacation per year, it amounts to five hours per week over five years.
  • Practice hours are not only accrued in hands-on, clinical practice. Read more information on practice hours.

Why physical therapists will not be given additional time to accrue the hours:

  • According to the standard, a physical therapist who does not meet the requirement has not practiced enough to remain current, regardless of the reason.
  • Registration renewal requirements must be applied consistently to all registrants.
  • The bylaw amendment was filed in 2018, and the College has been reminding registrants for the last couple of years.