Bylaw Amendment

Following consultation with registrants and other key stakeholders and discussions between the College and the Ministry of Health, bylaw amendments have been filed with the Ministry of Health. The amended Bylaw will go into effect on May 29, 2023.

This filing will allow the College to discontinue accepting applications for new interim registrations after October 31, 2023, and to eliminate the interim category as of April 1, 2024.

As per section 19(6.2) of the Health Professions Act, proposed changes to remove the interim registration category were posted for public comment between July 6, 2022, and October 6, 2022 – view background on the amendment (PDF). The College appreciates the valuable feedback that was provided during this notice period.

What This Means for Current & Future Interim Registrants

Until October 31, 2023, policies around the interim registration category remain unchanged. Our website has complete information about the interim registration category.

After October 31, 2023, new physical therapists intending to practise in BC must apply for full registration (i.e., there will not be an option to apply for interim registration). We encourage current and future interim registrants to work towards completing any outstanding requirements to become fully registered and allow employers time to make workforce planning decisions. The Alternate Clinical Evaluation BC (ACEBC) takes place four times per year, providing opportunities for new physical therapists to meet the criteria for full registration.

The Ministry of Health will be working with health authorities on the transition to practice supports available through actions in BC’s HHR Strategy (PDF) and with employers to optimize physical therapists that are internationally educated and/or awaiting full registration.

In closing, we thank registrants, employers, and health authority leaders for their feedback over the past year as these discussions have advanced. We recognize that members of the physical therapy community may continue to have additional questions, concerns, and ideas for the future of the physical therapy workforce in BC. We look forward to continuing to work with partners to create a better pathway to full registration.