Professional Liability Insurance Audit Results

Each year the College audits a random sample of full and interim registrants to monitor compliance with Bylaw 82, the requirement to maintain professional liability insurance (PLI) ($3 million per occurrence).

In November 2022, 265 registrants, plus 37 found non-compliant in previous years and subject to annual auditing, were asked to send in their proof of PLI: 91% had valid, uninterrupted insurance, while 8% did not.

This is slightly more than last year, with non-compliance notable in those unemployed (28%) and on leave (16%). Here are a couple of reminders for registrants:

  • The PLI requirement is associated with your full or interim registration category and applies whether or not you are working.
  • Insurance companies differ in how they schedule policy renewal. Some have fixed policy periods, such as Physiosure/Trisura (policy period ends on July 1) and BMS/CPA (policy period ends October 1). If you purchase either, your policy will expire on its pre-determined date, and your premium will be pro-rated accordingly.
  • Other companies issue a 1-year policy from the date you purchase it. Please note the expiry date, so you remember to renew your policy without any gaps in coverage.