Changes to Interim Registration

Effective October 28, 2022, the College implemented two policy changes to the interim registration application and permit process in keeping with the bylaws.

  1. Applicants must be registered for the next available ACEBC (Alternate Clinical Evaluation BC). This was the requirement (Bylaw 44(1)a) pre-pandemic, but it was temporarily removed when applicants were unable to register for the CAPR PCE clinical component.
  2. Interim permits are issued with an expiry date 1 month following the ACEBC that the candidate is registered for. For example, if the applicant seeks interim registration on the basis of being registered for the May 27, 2023, ACEBC, their permit will expire on June 24, 2023. If the interim registrant subsequently postpones the date of their evaluation to August 2023, their permit will still expire on June 24, 2023.

These changes will serve to move interim registrants more quickly towards becoming fully registered.

Registration for the ACEBC is available one administration at a time. When one fills up, the registration for the next administration opens. UBC has run two administrations of the ACEBC in-person this fall (October 22 and November 19). The next one, February 25, 2023, filled up very quickly, before some necessary registration process changes could be implemented. This resulted in ACEBC registration not being available for more than 2 weeks. This type of gap is unlikely to occur in future. Contact Chris Smerdon at if you have questions.