Why You Need to Keep Your Registrant Profile Up to Date

Many registrants only update their profiles during registration renewal. Did you know that CPTBC Bylaw 51 (PDF) requires you to update your profile within five days of any changes?

A current profile ensures:

  • you receive important communications from the College
  • the public can find you
  • insurance companies can process billing
  • the College can approve employment for interim registrants who have proposed you in a Supervision Agreement

Failing to have accurate employment information on your profile slows down all of these processes and is contrary to Bylaw 51.

If you have not yet provided proof of vaccination (or proof of exemption) against COVID-19 (PDF), that section is available for you on the form.

Updating this information is easy:

  • On www.cptbc.org click on Registrant Login to log into your account on the CPTBC database;
  • Select ‘My profile’ on the left hand side;
  • Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ button at the top to make changes;
  • Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom when you’re done.

Contact registration@cptbc.org if you have questions. Interim registrants wishing to make changes to their employment must contact the College.