Quality Practice e-Newsletter Issue 9

Self-Reflection Tool to Launch This Fall

Over the past few months, we’ve discussed quality practice within the workplace. In April, we talked about what creates a supportive work environment; in May, we talked about why workplace quality matters and last month, we highlighted how approaching workplace quality could differ with workplace settings.

This fall, we will introduce our latest tool to help you improve your practice. It will be an online self-reflection tool, not unlike the Annual Self Report (ASR), which will help you review quality practice areas in your work and identify areas for improvement.

This tool will help identify practice quality areas you may not know of. Building awareness is an essential first step to kickstarting change, but often the path forward can feel unclear.

New Support & Guidance Resources

Based on feedback from pilot participants last winter, registrants request support and guidance on what steps to take after completing the self-reflection process. With that in mind, we’ve been working on a couple of support tools to assist you taking action in your workplace after you have completed the self-reflection process.

Next Issue: September 2022

In the next issue of our Quality Practice newsletter, look for details on how to access the Workplace Quality Self-Reflection tool and related support resources.