Quality Practice e-Newsletter Issue 7

Why Should I Care About Workplace Quality?

In our survey last fall, 87% of BC physiotherapists agreed that one’s work environment is important in supporting the quality of their practice.

A quality workplace provides resources and supports to help you do your job well, whether in a clinical or non-clinical role. It means a work environment that is safe and healthy, where you can focus on delivering quality services and patient care. It means having the tools, training and processes you need to grow in your job.

A well-functioning workplace enables you to do better work. Think about the possible impacts on patient care if you feel tension with a staff member, feel unsupported by your manager, or are frustrated with a poorly functioning computer system.

This sounds good, but…

Isn’t a high-quality workplace the responsibility of my supervisors, managers, and/or clinic owners?

While they have an important role to play, a quality workplace includes everyone in the workplace. The interactions you experience in the work environment, with other staff and within the organization are vital to building and maintaining a supportive and quality workplace.

And if you’re in solo practice, your workplace quality matters too. Even though you may not have staff or managers to interact with, make sure your own processes and systems support you in the delivery of physiotherapy services.

Mindful Observations

Over the next week, take moments during the workday to observe the ways your workplace may (or may not) support you. Be curious about your interactions with others, your physical environment and how your organization influences your work and your ability to deliver quality patient care.

Do You Want to Get Involved?

We’re putting together an advisory committee for professional development. This committee will support and provide feedback to the QP team about the work underway.

We’re looking for six to eight individuals with a mix of competencies, qualities, and representation. View the Terms of Reference (PDF).

Committee members will work with the QP team and the consultant between July 2022 – July 2023. We anticipate at least six meetings in that time, likely all virtual. Members are required to actively participate in committee discussions providing feedback to the QP team on professional development deliverables.

Committee members will receive an honorarium for each meeting attended.

Are you interested in being on this Committee? If so, please complete the online application form by June 17!

Contact us at qap@cptbc.org if you have any questions.

Next Issue: July 2022

In the next issue of our Quality Practice newsletter, we’ll talk about how workplace quality can look different depending on your workplace setting and role.

Stay tuned!