Board of Directors 2022 Election Results

Thank you to the four physical therapists who allowed their names to stand for election to the Board of Directors. We appreciate this interest in the work of the College.

The election received 744 votes cast by 420 voters (9.2% of eligible registrants voted).

The CPTBC welcomes Evan Wilton and (re-elected) Jennifer Agnew to the Board. They begin their term on June 11, 2022 and join other Board members including appointed public representatives Don Hubbard, Ranjit Gill and Trudy Hubbard, registrants Kim Hall, Robin Roots, and Susanne Watson, and student representatives Monik Jaura and Philip Lu. Congratulations Evan and Jennifer!

Our most sincere thanks to outgoing Board member Melina Kurtakis for her work and commitment to the CPTBC Board and the public interest.

Learn more about our Board’s composition and purpose and committees.