Quality Practice e-Newsletter Issue 5

Pilot Feedback Summary

Thank you to everyone who completed the pilot for our Quality Workplace Self-Evaluation. We are grateful for your participation and feedback!

A total of 812 registered physical therapists completed the pilot from a broad cross-section of workplace settings and geographical regions. From those who completed the pilot, 420 people provided feedback on their experience.

The post-pilot feedback was valuable, and we’re in the process of incorporating feedback and making changes to improve the value of this quality practice tool. This infographic highlights key findings:


Changes on the Way

The pilot analysis identified 14 workplace quality questions that underperformed.

We’ll remove them from the self-evaluation tool. We plan to improve the language used in the questions to be more applicable across clinical and non-clinical workplace settings.

Feedback told us to include more answer options for questions to allow participants to indicate situations where they may be unsure of workplace processes and policies.

Other Areas of Focus

In the weeks to come we plan to:

  • Develop communication tools to help with understanding the relevance and importance of workplace quality
  • Create materials to support implementing changes following completion of the self-evaluation
  • Provide suggestions on how to complete the tool for physical therapists in different workplace settings

Next Issue: April 2022

Our next e-Newsletter will discuss the connection between a supportive work environment and a quality workplace.