Professional Liability Insurance Audit

In November 2021, the College conducted an annual audit of professional liability insurance (PLI) to gauge compliance with Bylaw 82. Of the 289 registrants selected for the audit, 7.6% were found to have gaps or invalid insurance, which is up slightly from last year. Two registrants found to be deficient for the second time in less than five years were referred to the Inquiry Committee.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • When you purchase private PLI, note the expiry date and put a reminder in your calendar to renew your policy before it expires.
  • If you take a leave of absence from work (for any reason) but do not cancel your registration, you must still meet the PLI requirement. Maternal/ parental leave coverage and other extended reporting coverage do not meet the requirement.
  • Clinic professional liability (CLI) insurance is not the same as (individual) professional liability insurance and does not meet the requirement. Learn more about CLI (PDF).

The College will announce a webinar date in the near future, which will address these points in more detail.

Contact or your insurance provider if you have questions.