CAPR Discontinues Physiotherapy National Examination (Clinical Component)

Earlier today, the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) announced that the Physiotherapy National Examination (clinical component) is being discontinued. The CAPR will continue to offer credentialling and written examination services while convening an Expert Advisory Panel to consider the future of evaluation services including competency assessment.

Implications of the Clinical Examination Termination

The Registration Committee and Board of Directors require time to discuss the CAPR announcement. The College will also discuss the impact of the cancellation with the Ministry of Health and other physiotherapy regulators in Canada.

Of primary focus will be to determine what is required today to protect the public interest, ensure that applicants to the College have the competencies to deliver safe, quality care, and what are required to enable registration. Our priorities will be to find solutions to allow interim registrants to move forward to full registration and, manage former interim registrants who are waiting for an opportunity to enter practice.

Registration Requirements in British Columbia

College Bylaws establish registration requirements.

Section 43. (1) sets out the requirements for full registration that include the following:

  • graduation from an entry-level academic program set out in Schedule “A” or an academic program otherwise considered to be substantially equivalent by the registration committee;
  • successful completion of the Physiotherapy Competency Examination or other entry-level assessment set out in Schedule “D” (other entry-level assessment refers to the UBC alternate evaluation)

Section 44. (1) sets out the requirements for interim registration that include the following. An applicant:

  • has satisfied the registration committee that they are eligible to complete the examination approved by the board in accordance with Schedule “D” and are registered for the next available examination, or
  • is ineligible to complete the examination and they are enrolled in a program to complete the educational requirements specified by the registration committee…

Registration requirements for both categories refer to examinations set out in Schedule “D”. The discontinuation of the clinical examination impacts one option in Schedule “D” however, successful completion of the UBC alternate evaluation meets the registration requirement for full registration. UBC offered an alternate evaluation on January 8 and 9 and will do so again on January 15 and 16. This will assist many currently registered interim registrants to move to full registration.

CAPR Long Term Considerations

The CAPR recently announced the creation of an Expert Advisory Panel to consider a new future for evaluation services including competency assessment. The College supports this initiative, will contribute as a stakeholder, and looks forward to the outcome of the Panel’s deliberations.


The College is committed to informing the profession about next steps as information becomes available. We will communicate by email with those who are most impacted and request that all registrants consult the website regularly for updates rather than contacting the registration team directly.