What is the College Doing in Response to the Cancellation of the PCE Virtual Clinical Examination?

On September 29th, the College sent an update to interim registrants and 2021 UBC graduates. This update was also posted on the College’s website.

Since that time, the College has continued to discuss options to manage the growing number of interim registrants considering the significant variation in individual interim registrant’s education, examination history, practice experience and length of time as an interim registrant. The diversity within the interim registrant category requires various strategies: there is no “one size fits all solution” in such a heterogenous group.

The College is in discussions with the Ministry of Health on a potential bylaw change to support a more flexible approach to registration. We are in regular communication with other provincial physiotherapy regulators to understand their approaches to managing similar registrants until there is another national clinical examination available. These discussions help to ensure that we understand potential challenges that registrants may face should they wish to relocate to another province in Canada. We are focused on finding a solution that will allow the College to move as many interim registrants to full registration as quickly as possible.

Despite popular opinion, the College recognizes the personal and professional toll the lack of a clinical examination has had on interim registrants, those waiting to become interim registrants, employers and the public we serve. We recognize the urgency felt by many to find a solution and are working to that end. The priority has been and will continue to be to keep interim registrants and new UBC graduates informed on any developments as soon as they become available.