Changes to Interim Registrant Employment

Every week the College receives emails from interim physical therapists requesting a change in their employment. Unlike full registrants, interim physical therapists’ employment must be approved in advance by the College. These requests can be approved quickly if all necessary information is provided, but please allow at least one week before your intended start date at the new place. The necessary information is listed below:

  • A written request to with the interim PT’s name and registration number; start and end dates; workplace name
  • A completed Supervision Agreement signed by the interim PT and their new supervisor
  • Proof of professional liability insurance with minimum coverage of $3,000,000 per occurrence

These requests, including the Supervision Agreement, must come from the interim PT, not from the employer or supervisor.

No fee will be applied for the first change/addition; an administrative fee of $25 will apply for each subsequent change/addition.