2021/2022 Renewal: List of Expired Registrations

The College’s registration renewal ended on May 31. Over 4,300 full and interim registrants successfully renewed.

The following is a list of registrations that have expired following the renewal period. The list does not include those who have cancelled their registration during the renewal period. The College’s public directory is your reference source for real-time registration status information of physical therapists in BC.

This list is current to June 23. Subsequent changes in registration status may have occurred since the date of publication.


Last Name First Name Registrant Number
Adam Carey *67
Andrews Samantha *03
Chevrier Carolane *28
Dykes Stephen *02
Ellerton Lisa *10
Furtado Ansel *40
Lee Rebecca *41
Lindner Barbara *67
Madsen Diana *12
Maichael Dony *90
McCordic John *97
McFadyen Ross *66
Mevada Disha *08
Rosenthal Stephanie *96
Sanderson Patricia *50
Schachterle Blair *43
Wood Catherine *26