Quality Practice e-Newsletter Issue 1

Quality Practice FAQs

Has the Annual Self Report changed in 2021 and beyond?

Yes it has. There is no longer a self-quiz – you will only be asked to complete the Risks and Supports questions.

In 2022, there will be additional questions to help you identify risks and supports within your own workplace.

What has not changed for the Annual Self Report?

You will still need to complete the ASR prior to renewing your registration prior to May 31, 2021.

You received instructions about this by email on May 3, 2021.

Why do we want your feedback?

We sought input from all registrants in 2018 and 2019, and we‘ve built a new approach based on that feedback. We want to know if we got it right.

Re-envisioning the QAP was a commitment made to registrants after the failure of the Registrant Competence Assessment (RCA) in 2018. We are eager to show you how your input has been used to create this approach.

A lot of work has gone into ensuring that our approach is current and relevant – and that it is based on current best evidence about continuing competence.

The program will be phased in over the coming five years. We are introducing you to the Framework now. In June, we will ask for your feedback about two Elements – Workplace Standards and Professional Development.

  • When we ask you about Workplace Standards, we will explain why it has been included, provide details about how the standards will be measured, and seek your input about the importance of workplace in supporting the quality of your practice.
  • When we ask you about Professional Development, we will explain why it has been included, provide details about what could be required, and seek your input about how professional development expectations can support the quality of your practice.

How will the consultations be structured?

In June, we will send you a link to a survey and a background document that will provide:

  • A short summary of the 2018 and 2019 registrant consultations
  • An overview of work done to develop Quality Practice in response to your suggestions
  • A description of the Framework and the Elements

Registrants will be asked a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions. They will take about 30 minutes to answer.

When will registrants be able to see the results of the consultations?

We commit to having the results of the consultations available to registrants no later than the end of September. The results will be sent to you via a link in ongoing Quality Practice e-newsletters.

What is planned for the Workplace Standards?

Evidence shows that the work environment is a significant contributor to quality practice.

We are starting the development of workplace standards and indicators.

CPTBC will be asking for registrants to volunteer to join the Workplace Standards Advisory Committee via the Quality Practice e-newsletter. Committee members will assist us in developing the standards and indicators and piloting them later this year.

When it is time to pilot the indicators in the Fall, we’ll be looking for some more volunteers to provide feedback.

Depending on the results of consultations and the pilot, questions about these indicators will become the Workplace Standards Report and will be included with the ASR in 2022.

What is planned for Professional Development?

We know that physical therapists engage in regular professional development in many forms. The purpose of this Element is to support self-reflection about the impact of professional development on the quality of your own practice, to guide your professional development choices, and to develop supports for individual learning.

Two sets of professional development activities are proposed for all registrants:

  • A College-directed activity: The College will develop or identify a learning activity for all registrants to complete annually prior to registration renewal (for example, completion of a learning module on providing culturally safe and quality care, completion of a learning module related to professional misconduct)
  • A self-directed activity: You will be asked to describe a learning activity you have completed during the past year and explain how it led to improvement in your professional practice.

Once we have your feedback, PD will be further developed with a view to launching this Element in 2022 with the first reporting cycle in 2023.

What is the status of the Registrant Competence Assessment?

The Registrant Competence Assessment (exam) is no longer part of the program. Registrants will no longer be asked to write this exam.

What about the Assessment of Professional Performance/ Return to Competence?

These Elements remain part of the new Framework, however they will not be implemented prior to 2024.

The concept behind these Elements is that a registrant would be asked to undergo an Assessment of Professional Performance if they do not submit a description of their own self-selected learning activity (see Professional Development above) or they have not linked a professional development activity to improvement in their professional practice.

How can you get involved or provide feedback?

  • Volunteer to join the Workplace Standards Advisory Committee to help us develop these standards and indicators (call for committee members will be sent out via the Quality Practice e-newsletter)
  • Get ready to provide your thoughts about the proposed Framework and the Elements during the College’s consultations process beginning in June 2021
  • Volunteer to pilot the Workplace Standards when we test them out in Fall 2021