Annual Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) Audit

In November, the College conducted the second annual audit of professional liability insurance (PLI) to gauge compliance with Bylaw #82. Of the 364 registrants selected for the audit, 5% of the sample were found to have gaps or invalid insurance. Registrants were selected through a stratified random sampling procedure, which allowed over-sampling certain employment statuses (not employed, employed but on leave).

Those without valid insurance is a concern; the public is not protected and it leaves you vulnerable should something happen. Registrants who were found to be deficient will be audited for the next 5 years. Two registrants who did not respond to multiple requests for their PLI were referred to Inquiry.

Physical therapists working in the public sector and in agencies that are not governed by a health authority, continue to struggle to provide adequate evidence of their PLI. Note the following considerations:

  • If you only work in a health authority facility or service, and do not purchase individual PLI, when audited you must provide current evidence of being employed in the health authority. In the past the College has accepted standard letters issued by the health authority but to ensure currency, in future the requirement will be a confirmation of employment.
  • If you work in a public agency that is not a health authority, or in a private not-for-profit (e.g. child development centre), and do not purchase individual PLI, when audited you must provide a copy of the agency’s professional liability insurance coverage.PLI is different from third party liability and can be different from indemnity. It is your responsibility to ensure that your employer’s policy meets the requirement of Bylaw 82 in both type and amount of coverage.
  • Registrants must be aware of the limits of their employer’s insurance policy. If it does not meet the Bylaw requirement, they must purchase individual PLI.