Case Between Interim Registrant and 3rd Party Payor

The College was contacted by an insurer to ask about the conditions on an interim registrant’s practice and the significance of their employment listed on the public directory.

The insurer had received a receipt for reimbursement, but the clinic name on the receipt did not match the employment on the public directory.

Interim registrants have two conditions on their practice:

  • Restricted to a specific employer
  • Supervision is required

Interim registrants may work only at locations and under supervision approved in advance by the Registration Committee. The receipt provided by the insurance company indicated that the interim physical therapist had been working in an unauthorized workplace for several months. After communication with the interim registrant, the College confirmed to the insurer that this was the case.

We have since received another inquiry from an insurer questioning an application to add an interim to their online billing platform because the interim’s approved workplace in the public directory did not match the clinic name on the application. The College confirmed to the insurer that the interim registrant was not approved to work in that workplace.

Interim physical therapists and their employers must ensure that a workplace is approved by the College, and therefore appears on the public directory, before the interim provides services at that location. Receipts must reflect accurately where services were provided, by whom and when and may be cross-referenced against the College’s public directory by the insurer.