Annual Self Report 2020

The purpose of the ASR is to increase physical therapists’ understanding of legal and ethical obligations in their practice. 4,008 full registrants completed the ASR this year. Feedback was optional with 1,226 (30%) weighing in:

  • 85% agree or strongly agree completing the ASR increases their awareness of current regulation and practice standards
  • 78% rated the intuitiveness of the new platform as excellent or very good
  • 85% rated the individual report on risks and supports to be excellent or very good for ease of comprehension
  • 85% also agreed or strongly agreed that the explanations for the correct answers on the quiz were clear

Respondents were asked to identify one action from a list of nine they planned to do to mitigate their potential risks or add to their supports; 46% selected ‘attend a continuing education activity on a topic I need to learn about (as opposed to a topic I am interested in)’.

We will share more aggregate data from the 2020 ASR in the coming months.