What Happens Next for Interim Physical Therapists After Exam

Are you an interim physical therapist who recently sat an exam? Are you wondering what happens after the clinical or written portions, or if you’ve failed either one? We’ve outlined three scenarios for you.

I passed the clinical! Once your results are directly confirmed with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR), your registration will be changed to full. Expect a confirmation email from the College within a month of the results. You may also log into your account or check the public directory.

I passed the written! The College confirms your results with CAPR. You continue to work as an interim as long as your interim registration term has not expired.

I failed the written or clinical exam. Your interim registration will expire seven days after the results are made available by CAPR. We will inform you of the expiry date by email. You must inform your supervisor and employer and you must stop working as an interim physical therapist by the expiry date.

If you fail either the written or clinical examination, you will have to wait until you have successfully completed both the written and clinical examinations before trying to register again. This is because interim registration is granted one-time only. The maximum term is 15 consecutive months or seven days after the College is notified of a failure on the exam, whichever comes first.