Board Meeting Highlights

Our Board of Directors met on November 30, 2019. Highlights include the following items:

  • Welcome two new members: Robin Roots and MPT1 Student Representative Tom Kanwischer
  • Approval of new Board policies including Registrar Performance Review, Compensation and Succession Planning and a new Financial Framework
  • Discussion of the Modernization Report and direction to the Registrar to draft a response. In summary, the Board is not opposed to many of the recommendations in the report; more time is needed to consider all the implications before submitting a response.
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Virtual Care: There is support for a revised MOU that will assist rapidly evolving digital practice and eliminate unnecessary regulatory barriers.
  • Dry Needling Policy Review: Preliminary findings were reported to the Board. The Board supports consultation with registrants and other stakeholders before making any final recommendations.
  • Election and meeting dates confirmed for 2020