Looking for Interim Registrants and Supervisors to Participate in Study

CPTBC and UBC know that many physical therapists face challenges when they are trying to practice under supervision before they have successfully challenged both parts of their physiotherapy competency exam. Supervisors have challenges too.

The College and UBC want to build tools to help support physical therapists in training to be able to successfully move into independent practice as soon as possible.

We need your input. What were the challenges that you faced as a trainee or a supervisor? Why was it so hard? What helped you?

This is your opportunity to help future physical therapy candidates. There are different ways to participate.

Online Focus Group

You will be able to choose to register for one of five focus groups scheduled between December and January. Each focus group will last about 60 minutes. You will need to enter a name and an email address to register. You can use a “fake” name if you prefer, and any temporary email address where you will receive more details. Learn more or register for a focus group.

Anonymous Survey

  • Our survey will take about 30 to 40 minutes to complete.
  • Participate in the survey as a trainee/supervisee.
  • Participate in the survey as a supervisor.


  • Dr. Alison Greig, Associate Head, MPT Program, UBC
  • Kathy Davidson, Adjunct Professor, UBC

Contact Kathy Davidson at kathy.davidson@ubc.ca for more information.