Bylaw Amendments

As part of the College regular review of bylaws, amendments are being proposed to update the 2018 bylaws.

As background, bylaws are developed by the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia (College) Board of Directors in accordance with the Health Professions Act. They serve as the rules under which the College operates and are consistent with the duties and objects of the CPTBC.

Whenever a bylaw amendment is proposed the College must provide notice to registrants, other health profession regulators and members of the public offering an opportunity to provide feedback. Feedback from registrants and stakeholders is important as it provides insight into how the bylaws are interpreted. It also indicates to the Board and the Ministry of Health where further clarification is required.

These proposed bylaws will be posted on the College website for three months until January 21, 2020 allowing adequate time for comments. All comments will be considered by both the College and the Ministry of Health. You may provide your comments directly to College and/or to the Ministry of Health. Contact information for both organizations is provided below. View the clean copy (PDF) and / or the red-lined copy (PDF).

Many of the amendments are for clarification or are editorial. The table of contents will be updated once the amended bylaws are finalized. Proposed substantive changes include the following:

Registration Changes

  • Elimination of the Non-Practising Category of Registration: The Non-Practising Category of registration was created to facilitate contact with registrants and return to practice. Today, all information is available on the website unlike years past when information was mailed to registrants. In addition, there is no difference when returning to practice if you are a former registrant or non-practising returning to practice. As the requirements and the process is the same there is no advantage to non-practising registrants to maintain a non-practising permit.
  • Elimination of the Student Category of Registration: This is another historical category of registration that the College proposes to remove. The College does not actively regulate students as entry level programs manage all aspects of education and training, complaints if they come to the attention of an entry-level program. The College values the relationship with students and will continue to contribute to the teaching of students about regulation and the College however we do not need to regulate students to do so.
  • Addition of Grandparenting Provision [Section 43 (4)]: Grandparenting provisions were removed in 2018 as the College had not received any applications for many years. Over the past year the College received several requests from physical therapists who did have a practice permit in Canada prior to the implementation of the national examination and have continued to practice outside of Canada. Re-stablishing this category allows for such applications to be considered.
  • Schedule D:Amended to include the process used for entry to the profession in Quebec rather than the qualifying and physiotherapy national examination (written and clinical examinations).

Related sections of the bylaws have been updated to reflect the above changes

Health Professions Corporations

  • Part 7 has been re-written to streamline the process of applying for a health professions corporation permit and processing by the College.

 Assignment and Supervision

  • Previous Part 8 Assignment and Supervision is deleted as the Standard of Practice and guidance the College provides about assignment and supervision is enough and the bylaw is not required.

Providing Feedback


To CPTBC via e-mail to or regular mail to:

Dianne Millette, Registrar
College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia
200 Granville Street, #900.
Vancouver, BC V6C 1S4

To the Ministry of Health

To the Ministry of Health via or the Ministry’s online feedback form or regular mail to:

Executive Director, Professional Regulation & Oversight Branch
Ministry of Health
Health Sector Workforce Division
​1515 Blanshard Street
PO Box 9649
Stn Prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9P4

Notice date: October 21, 2019

Deadline for comments: January 21, 2020