Survey to Assess Feasibility and Reliability of the Clinician QI Questionnaire

Dr. Marie Westby at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility in Vancouver is conducting a Canada-wide survey to assess the feasibility and reliability of the online Clinician QI questionnaire. Physical therapists can use it to reflect on the quality of rehab care they provide to patients after total hip and knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis.

This questionnaire is one of many resources that will be included in the QUICK-TJR toolkit that you can use to:

  • Implement best practice recommendations for rehab before and after TJR surgery
  • Track the quality of rehab you are providing to patients
  • Inform your clinical decision-making
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your rehab treatment and programs
  • Communicate rehab goals and expectations with your patients

Your responses will help them to refine the questionnaire, ensure it is reliable (by completing the optional questionnaire a second time 1-2 weeks later) and capture a snapshot of current rehab practices across Canada.

You can complete the 15-20 minute survey online.

The survey closes October 30. Two $25 Chapters/Indigo gift cards will be offered as prize draws!

Participation in this survey is voluntary and by completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in the study. Additional information about your eligibility to participate in the study and how your responses will be kept confidential are described at the start of the questionnaire.

If you have any questions contact the Principal Investigator Dr. Marie Westby ( at (604) 875-4111 Ext. 68834 or email