Moratorium on Applications to Dry Needling Roster

Updated August 20, 2019

As reported in the June 2019 newsletter, the Board of Directors has asked College staff to undertake a policy review related to dry needling. The review will focus on current approaches to rostering of physical therapists to use dry needles in practice and regulatory best practices.

The review  has become necessary considering the increasing number of heterogeneous courses related to dry needling being offered, patient safety arising from reports of adverse events, requests from College registrants to broaden the range of who may use needles and concerns from private practice about the quality of needling practices.

On Tuesday August  6, 2019  a short-term moratorium on accepting any new dry needling roster applications was put in place until the policy review is complete which is expected by year end. Several registrants contacted the College to ask if the moratorium on accepting dry needling applications can be extended as they missed the initial email notice due to vacation or other reasons.  In the public interest, and to ensure that those who are needling have met the criteria for rostering, the College will extend the application deadline to Thursday, August 29.  After that time, there will be no exceptions made until the Board makes further policy decisions related to dry needling. Please note that any coursework related to dry needling must have been completed prior to August 6, 2019 in order to qualify for rostering.

Note that unless you are a full registrant and have been notified that you have been approved and are added to the roster, you may not use dry needles in practice in British Columbia. To verify whether or not you are on the roster, you may refer to the public directory. If you are not on the roster, the application can be found here and should be emailed together with your certificate to

The College will advise registrants when the review is complete and the Board of Directors has made a decision about next steps.