Opportunity at the UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic

Excitement abounds around the Department of Physical Therapy as the UBC Physical Therapy and Research Clinic is scheduled to open this summer! The clinic will be owned and operated by the Department of Physical Therapy within the Faculty of Medicine and seeks to:

  • Provide an enriched clinical placement opportunity as part of the Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program at UBC
  • Engage in research and collaborative relationships within the UBC community and nationally/internationally to advance physical therapy knowledge and practice
  • Provide premier physical therapy care grounded in the best available evidence to service populations within the local community

The clinic will be located within the Friedman Building on campus – the renovation phase is imminent. We have a wonderful group moving this project forward. The Steering Committee brings a wealth of knowledge, clinical and entrepreneurial experience, and diverse points of view from various Faculty and Clinical Faculty. Clinical Faculty member and CHES fellow Edwin Betinol has graciously committed to the role of Implementation Manager.

The Department of Physical Therapy is offering an exciting new opportunity within the clinic: Clinical Administrator. We are seeking a full-time registered Physical Therapist who will be responsible for clinical practice, clinical supervision, student education, and day-to-day management of the clinic. Please contact Karen Sauve at karen.sauve@ubc.ca with any questions.