Physical Therapy Accounting

We receive many questions from payers about physical therapist invoices and receipts. This is often because the information on the invoice or receipt doesn’t match what’s on the public register. And so, the payer is unable to confirm that the physical therapist is a College registrant.

The most common issues are not including the physical therapist’s College registration number but rather including a Canadian Physiotherapy Association membership number or MSP billing number. One easy way to check that you are including the correct number is the College registration number includes five digits beginning with ‘0’.

These tips will help you create clear and payer-friendly invoices or receipts. Always include:

  • Patient’s name and contact information
  • Physical therapist’s name and title (i.e., Joe Smith, Physical Therapist or Joe Smith, Interim Physical Therapist)
  • Clinic or practice name and address
  • College registration number
  • Date and a description of the service provided (i.e., physical therapy services)