New Bylaws Come into Effect

New CPTBC bylaws come into effect after August 24, 2018. Highlights for registrants include:

New Standards of Practice and Code of Ethical Conduct

Details will be listed on the Resources page of our website. Please note the 2018 ASR and RCA will still reference the former standards, bylaws and code of ethics. For an overview of the changes, refer to the webinar on June 21 (add your information to receive a link to the archived recording). We will offer more webinars on this topic soon.

Immediate Cancellation if Renewal is Past the Deadline

There will no longer be a grace period for late registration renewals. Registrants who do not renew by the deadline will have their registration cancelled and will not be able to practice or bill for services. Once cancelled, you will need to apply for reinstatement prior to resuming practice and this process may take a few days.

To avoid any interruptions, registrants are encouraged to complete the renewal on time. Registration renewal begins in mid-November and runs until 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2018.

New Renewal Cycle from January 1-December 31 to June 1-May 31

The registration renewal cycle will change from January 1-December 31 to June 1-May 31. A survey is underway asking full and interim registrants for input on how we can best implement this transition.

Have you voted yet? A link to the survey was emailed to full and interim registrants on August 1. You have until August 31, 2018 to cast your vote.

New Registration Renewal Requirement: Practice Hours Over Five Years

The new bylaws will require registrants to maintain a minimum of 1200 practice hours over five years. To give registrants adequate time to meet this requirement, verification of practice hours will begin during the 2024-2025 renewal year and will include practice hours accumulated between June 1, 2019–May 31, 2024.

“Inactive” Category Becomes “Non-Practising”

The Inactive category has been renamed to Non-Practising. Non-practising registrants must not practice physical therapy or delegate physical therapist services or hold themselves as a physical therapist entitled to practise.

Details About the Quality Assurance Program

The new bylaws set out the detailed requirements for full registrants. This includes details about the program components, the cycles and process if further assessment is necessary.