Policy Reminder about Physical Therapy Clinical Placements (UBC)

The UBC Department of Physical Therapy Clinical Education team coordinates all physical therapy clinical placements in BC, supporting both MPT Students and Clinical Educators. The 2015-2017 MPT student cohort saw:

  • 486 confirmed placements
  • around 300 potential clinical placement sites
  • nine arranged international placements, including to Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Australia and Haiti

Students are clearly informed that they are not to directly contact clinical sites or clinical educators to request placement offers – whether the student is from UBC, out of province, or international. This policy applies to all current and potential sites and educators offering placements. It’s up to the Clinical Education team to reach out, request offers for placements and seek out new clinical placement opportunities.  Inquiries and offers from interested clinicians are welcomed.

One reason for this approach is to minimize the risk of potential conflicts of interest at placement sites.  Students are required to inform the Associate Head, Clinical Education of any potential conflicts of interest in advance of placement matching, or when/if assigned to a facility where a conflict of interest may occur.  Such conflicts include, but are not limited to:

  1. A close friend or relative being responsible for their clinical education instruction or evaluation.
  2. The student having worked directly with the physiotherapy service and personnel as a volunteer, employee, or client.
  3. A close friend or relative working at, or is a patient in the facility.

Clinical sites and educators are required to avoid providing student physiotherapists a job offers while on placement.  Offers of employment may be made following the completion of the placement.

For more information, please contact karen.sauve@ubc.ca or refer to the Clinical Education Manual.