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Want to know the latest on credentialing, clinical issues and indigenous cultural safety? Read our quick summaries on these resourceful websites for physical therapists.

Canadian Alliance of Profession Regulators (CAPR)

The CAPR website provides valuable information about credentialing as well as access to publications on national guidelines, position statements and other resources.

PCE Quick Facts

PCE Quick Facts is now available. Everything you ever wanted to know about the PCE – in brief and simple language. Some highlights:

CAPR Key Statistics

Credential Assessment Wait Times

As of March 31, 2018
Files with a precedent: 5 weeks (benchmark: 10 – 12 weeks)
Files without a precedent: 12 weeks (benchmark: 16 – 18 weeks)

Credential Application Volumes — YTD

Budgeted Number of Applications to March 31 = 153
Actual Number of Applications Received to March 23 = 176

Examination Volumes — YTD

Written Component YTD Number Budgeted = 348 Actual = 201
Clinical Component YTD Number Budgeted = 624 Actual = 747

Ignite Physio

Ignite Physio is a great clinical resource, offering a forum for physical therapists to discuss clinical issues and share knowledge.

San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Training

The San’yas ICS training website includes information about the Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Online Training Program delivered by the Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia. In addition to the core training, there is access to supplementary training, resources, and on-going support.