Is #myphysio a #realphysio?

Why our public register matters for physical therapists

Is #myphysio a #realphysio? is the name of a campaign run by the Malta Association of Physiotherapists (MAP) to promote its public register. The emphasis behind the hashtags is important, and it’s a legitimate question for many patients.

A public register gives patients and other stakeholders confidence that a physical therapist is duly registered and licensed to practice in that jurisdiction.

Our public register is updated in real time so it’s reliable and always up-to-date. It reflects the status of a physical therapist the moment the register is reviewed. If an individual is not listed on the public register, they are not a registrant of the CPTBC and cannot practice physical therapy in British Columbia.

Last year, a so-called physical therapist in Nova Scotia made national news. Kelvin Cheung, also known as Karl Cheung or Kelvin Kar Hang Cheung, falsely claimed to be a licensed physical therapist.

Cheung had graduated with physical therapy degree, but he failed the clinical examination. Determined to practice, he forged his examination results in order to receive a licence to practice. Since the forgery was discovered, Mr. Cheung has continued to fabricate his credentials to gain employment in various roles and is on the radar of regulators across Canada and beyond.

Using the public register is one way for patients, fellow physical therapists, regulators and other stakeholders to determine if an individual is in fact a qualified, licenced, trusted physical therapist.

Use and trust the public register. Remind patients, friends and family to check and make sure that #yourphysio is a #registeredphysio.