1. What is a proctor?

A proctor is someone that monitors a test-taker during an examination.

2. Why do I need a proctor anyway?

Proctoring is an exam security measure that protects both the registrant as well as the RCA content. Proctors monitor the integrity of the RCA on behalf of the College of Physical Therapists of B.C. (CPTBC) and the citizens of British Columbia, whom they serve, to ensure the competence of physical therapists.

3. What is the proctor responsible for?

  • Verifying that the physical therapist registrant:
    • who began and finished the RCA was the same person who registered for the RCA.
    • completed the RCA without advice or consultation of another person.
    • completed the RCA without accessing reference material or the Internet.
    • completed the RCA within the allowable time frame.
    • did not receive, save, duplicate, print or distribute by electronic or other means, any aspect of the RCA including all or parts of cases, questions, and answers.
  • Reporting, using the “RCA Incident Report Form” within 2 working days of the RCA session:
    • incidents including power outages, computer or Internet problems that might impact the RCA process for the registrant.
    • registrant and/or proctor illness, distraction, or other interruption that might affect the integrity of the RCA or its results for the registrant.
    • any other unusual behaviour, including cheating, that would undermine the accuracy or the integrity of the RCA or its results.

4. Do I need to choose who proctors my test and where I write my test?

Yes. Physical therapist registrants must arrange the location, computer, and proctor based on the criteria established by the College. It is also the role of the registrant to inform the proctor of any changes in the schedule.

5. Can a proctor monitor multiple registrants?

Yes. A proctor can oversee up to 10 physical therapist registrants during the same session. However, one limiting factor could be Internet capacity, and therefore, it is recommended that the physical therapist registrants investigate this well in advance of the exam.

6. Who can I ask to proctor?

The physical therapist registrant must identify their proctor, whether it be someone they know or a service provider. The proctor must be comfortable with using a computer, available and present for the full RCA test period, and available by email and phone during the full RCA test period and must be over the age of 18.

  • Who cannot proctor my test?
    • Another physical therapist registrant cannot proctor your test.
    • Someone under 19 years of age cannot proctor your test.

7. I’m not comfortable asking a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Are there other options?

This depends on where you live. Some public libraries, universities, and other institutions may offer proctoring services. Some of these institutions charge fees while others do not. Registrants will be responsible for any fees associated with proctoring.

  • The University of Athabasca has compiled a list of exam invigilation and proctoring centres across Canada by province. The list for British Columbia is available online at Many rural locations do in fact have public and private institutions that offer proctoring services.
  • It is the responsibility of the registrant to contact these institutions and exam invigilation/proctoring centres and/or ask a friend, acquaintance, or family member (see criteria above) to proctor your exam.

8. Does it matter where I take the test?

The location where the physical therapist registrant writes the RCA is chosen and arranged by the registrant. The location needs to be suitable for taking an online assessment comfortably for up to 3 hours.

9. Does the computer I use to write the RCA test matter?

The computer that the physical therapist registrant takes the test with is chosen by the registrant. The computer must be in good working order. Tablets and smart phones are not recommended. The registrant and the proctor must be familiar with how to use the computer. The registrant must ensure that  the Internet connection will be reliable for up to 3 hours.

10. Is my proctor’s identity and personal information kept confidential?

Your proctor’s personal information, as well as your personal information will be kept strictly confidential by the College staff and online providers.

11. What is the process and estimated time commitment for a proctor?

Before the RCA Estimated time commitments
 1. Review the Terms of Participation and discuss with registrant(s).  15 minutes
 2. Enroll as a proctor (URL will be provided).  5 minutes
 3. Provide proctor identification number (PIN) to registrant(s).  5 minutes
 4. Take note of the RCA Proctor Key for each (of the) registrant(s) being proctored.  5 minutes
During the RCA  Estimated time commitments
 1. Arrive at RCA session 30 minutes before the planned start time, with your RCA Proctor Key.  30 minutes
 2. Unlock the RCA using the RCA Proctor Key for the registrant(s).  5 minutes
 3. Observe the registrant during the RCA session.  3 hours
 4. Report any incidents using the RCA Incident Report Form.  10 minutes