RCA Resources

The documents below are in PDF format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and view these resources.

Quality Assurance Program Blueprint – This document provides a detailed outline of the purpose, definition, and standards of the RCA. The blueprint looks at three dimensions: contexts of physical therapy practice, key regulatory topic areas to be addressed, and essential competencies to be addressed.

Essential Competency Profile for Physiotherapists – This document describes the essential competencies required by physiotherapists in Canada.

Regulatory Resources – This page contains links to regulatory resources and documentation.

Registrant Competence Assessment Reference List – Though not a comprehensive list, this document lists key references used by case writers who developed items, cases, and content for the RCA.

Quality Assurance Program Glossary – This document alphabetically lists key RCA, APP, and RPS terms.

Registrant Competence Assessment Code of Conduct

Proctors’ Terms of Participation – This document provides proctors an overview of their role during the RCA. When proctors enroll, they will be asked to confirm that they have read this document.

Quality Assurance Program Backgrounder Document – This document lists the assumptions, guiding principles, and design features that were used as a guideline to make decisions about the program.

Indicates document has a clause or clauses discussing how a registrant can have a choice of two practice contexts (i.e. half of the questions in one context and half in the second context) for the RCA. This option will not be offered due to concerns with reliability, and therefore registrants in 2015 and forward are required to demonstrate continuing competence in one of four practice contexts.