RCA Scoring


The Registrant Competence Assessment (RCA) is a criterion-referenced assessment (i.e., each registrant is assessed compared to a standard rather than to the performance of the group). The standard required to pass the exam was determined during test development concurrently with writing the exam questions (items). The item writers (registrants who wrote items for the RCA) assigned an estimated level of difficulty to each item through a “standard-setting process”. The level of difficulty of each ‘exam form’ is then determined by the level of difficulty of all of the cases/questions that make up that particular form. The level of difficulty of the ‘exam form’ is the measure that each registrant must meet in order to meet the standard of the RCA.

Scoring at Question Level

Each exam form will have 20-25 cases, comprised of a total of 100-110 questions. Each question is worth 1 point. Some question types have multiple correct answers or multiple statements that need to be acted upon, and partial marks are given for any correct answers selected. Partial marks are calculated as follows:

Question Type Value of each correct answer
Multiple choice (select 1)  1 point
Select X  1/X points e.g. for a question where you need to select 2, each answer would be worth 0.5  points
True/False  1/X where X = the number of statements that have to be identified as True or False
Matching  1/X where X = the number of statements that have to be matched to one category or the other

There are no penalties for guessing.

There are penalties for over-selecting in a Select X question.

Individual Results

Registrants can expect to receive their individual results by regular mail two (2) to three (3) months following the date they wrote their RCA. The reason for this timing is explained in an article in the Fall 2014 Newsletter Update. The individual results report will include the following:

  • Outcome (met or did not meet the RCA standard)
  • Reminder of the purpose of the RCA