RCA Policies

Below are the policies pertaining to the Registrant Competence Assessment (RCA) as approved by the Board of Directors. Where there is a reference to a fee schedule in the policies, it is currently referred to as “Schedule X.” Fee schedules need to be included in Bylaws and the number will be specified when the new Bylaws are approved by the Ministry of Health. The fees approved by the Board are all included in Policy #10 and these will be applied as indicated.

Policy #1  Registration Renewal Requirement
Policy #2  Exemptions
Policy #3  Deferrals
Policy #4  Booking
Policy #5 Proctoring
Policy #6 Code of Conduct
Policy #7 Retake and Registrant Practice Support
Policy #8 Rescoring and Administrative Reconsideration
Policy #9  Accommodation of Specific Needs
Policy #10  Administrative Fees
Policy #11 Integration Into Cycle