Registrant Competence Assessment

The Registrant Competence Assessment (RCA) is the second component of the Quality Assurance Program. It is an online written test that uses a key features approach to assess a physical therapist’s decision-making skills with regards to specific clinical and regulatory issues addressed in day-to-day practice. Click here for more basic information about the RCA.

Facts about the Registrant Competence Assessment:

    1. As of 2015, British Columbian physical therapists holding full and limited registration are required to write the RCA every six years. Each six-year cycle is comprised of two sittings of the RCA, at year 1 and year 4. The sampling method for the first and second sittings of the RCA is random.
    2. If a physical therapist does not meet the standard of competence as set in the RCA, he or she will not lose his or her registration. If unsuccessful after two attempts, the Quality Assurance Committee will require a more individualized assessment of the physical therapist’s professional performance.
    3. The cases and questions are developed by physical therapists working in BC and reflect the sorts of issues and circumstances that physical therapists experience in practice.
    4. Physical therapists are required to demonstrate continuing competence in one of four practice contexts in the blueprint for the RCA. The four practice contexts are:
      1. Adult and Older Adult Musculoskeletal (for sample questions click here)
      2. Adult and Older Adult Neuromuscular (for sample questions click here)
      3. Adult and Older Adult Cardiorespiratory (for sample questions click here)
      4. Child and Youth (for sample questions click here)
    5. ‘Key features’ refers to the question and answer approach used to test the physical therapist’s ability to identify the steps, approach or answer related to resolving the practice situation identified.
    6. Results of the RCA are kept confidential between the physical therapist and the College.
    7. The exam is taken online at a location of the registrant’s choosing (a quiet location with stable Internet access is strongly recommended). Questions can be answered using a mouse or touch pad; typing is not required (there are no text entry answers).

Click here for *RCA 2015* information.

Click here for the QAP Blueprint outlining the content of the assessment.

Click here for key references used by the case writers who developed RCA content.

Click here for sample RCA questions by context.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the RCA.