Registrant Practice Support

This is the remediation component of the Quality Assurance Program designed for those physical therapists who do not meet standard on the Registrant Competence Assessment (RCA) and who subsequently have deficiencies identified in an Assessment of Professional Performance. Registrant Practice Support (RPS) will help physical therapists address deficiencies in their practice and successfully reach the established standards.

Remediation will involve the registrant, with the support of an assessor, developing their own learning plan to meet the standards and could include:

  • Online learning modules
  • Courses and workshops
  • Reading program
  • Mentoring program
  • Wellness assessment and/or resources
  • Guided reflections

Quick Facts about Practice Support:

  • Will only be recommended when the results of the APP lead the QAC to identify deficiencies in a registrant’s practice
  • Will be personalized, customized, and supportive
  • Registrant Practice Support is confidential

RPS Information Package:

The College Quality Assurance Program – Preparing for the Registrant Practice Support Component Information Package, published in 2013, includes details applicable to the original three components of the program. Information about the Registrant Practice Support (RPS) process starts on page 22.

The document above is in PDF format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and view these resources.